Fall 2019 - Fall 2022
PhD work: Collaboration with MSU HCI lab

Augmenting Human Cognition with Collaborative Robots: AMELIA (AugMEnted Learning InnovAtion)

Fall 2018 - Fall 2022
PhD work: Collaboration with federal geologists

Unstable Slope Management Program

Fall 2020
PhD Course CSCI 460: Operating System (Got Best Grad Class Project Award)

Should We Move to Serverless? Advantages & Challenges

Spring 2018
PhD Course CSCI 532: Algorithms

A Survey on Routing Algorithms of Mobile Social Network

BSc Course CSE-4274: Human Computer Interaction Project

Innovation for Autistic Child

BSc Course CSE-3103: Software Design Pattern Project

Online Result Processing System

BSc Course CSE-1211: C/C++ Course Project

CSEDU Image Viewer & Editor