Online Result Processing System

(Software Design Pattern Project)

Result Processing System was the 3rd year Software Design Pattern project for CSEDU-18 batch. All the students were divided into some groups where each group had three members. In our team, the members were Saidur Rahman, Jessica Sharmin Rahman, Saima Khan. The project was developed by using JSP-Servlet technology. The project is basically focused on result processing, getting academic results, finding students & teachers profile. The project also helps to reduce burden of our teachers to calculate the result. Basically, the teachers upload their marks in the software, the result will automatically calculated. When the admin or examination committee click the publish button, the result will publish automatically to the students. The students can see their detail results as well as their total CGPA. They can also see their old results.

Key Features:
  • No data is deleted. If anyone deletes a data, the data will be modified as a deleted version(we use flag to distinguish data state). It is basically added to the system for the theme of "All the data are important". It helps to get the deleted data using data recovery system by admin.
  • Result will be calculated automatically.
  • Teacher can use different number system in providing examination numbers.
  • No modification is necessary to add functionalities of year extend the code for deploying year based system.
  • Teacher can upload the marks in XML spread sheet format.
Design Pattern: Development:
  • JSP-Servlet
  • MySQL
  • XML

Demo Video: