CSEDU Image Viewer and Editor-18.4.54

(C/C++ Course Project)

CSEDU Image Viewer and Editor was the project of Team 18.4.54 for Computer Programming Lab II. The project was developed by Saidur Rahman & Jessica Sharmin Rahman. Our target is to create an image viewer as well as an image editor. Though we have a few knowledge about image processing & Advance C & C++, we tried to implement some image processing method (ex: Noise Detection & Reduction, Edge Detection, Gaussian blur, gray scaling technique etc) using C & C++.

Image Viewer will view the pictures and it will also be able to zoom pictures, show all the pictures in a slideshow etc & Image Editor will be able to perform all the basic editing operations such as rotation, zooming, re-sizing, adding effects etc.

Key Features:
  • Gray Scale Effect
  • Film Negative Effect
  • Adjustable Blue, Green & Red Effect
  • Object Edge Detection
  • Image Rotation ( Left, Right & 180 degree)
  • Image Flipping ( Horizontally & Vertically)
  • Resize a image (custom height & width)
  • Image Contrast Enhancement
  • Adjusting Effect ( Red, Green , Blue, Brightness)
  • Blur
  • Circular Effect ( gray scale & blue )
  • Slide show
  • Erase operation
  • Save an image with Effect
  • Cropping
Algorithm for Implementation: Tools for Development::
  • C/C++ Programming Language
  • OpenCV Image Processing Library
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010


  • After selecting every effect, you have to save your image. Otherwise, the next effect will be deployed in the original image.
  • The program has some bugs need to resolve. Sometimes, crushed due to inefficient coding
  • "Add frame" option doesn't work properly.

Documentary Video: